Activate the Path radio button and enter the path you want the destination files to appear in. Optionally, enter a prefix that will be added to the table name when the table is exported. DatabaseSpy also includes special support for XML in databases and is available in bit and bit versions. XML is established as the preferred method for exchanging structured data between enterprises, but storing XML data in a relational database adds a layer of complexity. Altova DatabaseSpy is the unique multi-database query, design, and database comparison tool that even generates elegant charts directly from query results.

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Start the database connection wizard. Intuitive dialogs let you specify every element of a chart, even the tilt angle for 3D pie charts. SQL editor with results view and graphical design editor in DatabaseSpy. Developers, data architects, and others who regularly work with databases often need to locate changes, migrate differences, or synchronize versions of database tables.

You can load binary data into the table from an external file, or save binary data from the database to an external file. A message box appears to inform you about the success of the export.

If you select tables while the Table radio button is selected and then click daatabasespy SQL radio button, the SELECT statements for those tables will be generated automatically and appear in this window.


MapForce offers a straightforward, visual user interface and support for data processing functions and filters.

Data Import and Export. The data is exported under the name specified in the Export Table Name field in the desired format and either stored under the path you specified or opened in XMLSpy for further editing.

Connecting to MySQL (ODBC)

Retrieved from ” https: As you work, the database editor interacts with the database in a limited manner. Information stored in relational databases is rarely static. DatabaseSpy provides a myeql variety of charting features for visualization of SQL query results. MapForce can connect to all major databases and convert source data on the fly for direct insertion.


Please help improve it by removing promotional content and inappropriate external linksand by adding altovs content written from a neutral point of view. When all your changes are complete, you can review your edits and commit them all at once via the Commit button on the toolbar.

The use of a common graphical interface to connect to multiple databases, even on different platforms, is cited as a valuable feature. Advanced Database Reporting with Charts. You can even migrate entire database structures from one database type to another. DatabaseSpy is a licensed software product that uses key protection to prevent unlicensed usage.

DatabaseSpy connects to the following major database types: The “Export database data” dialog box opens. However, in this case no tables will be preselected databasesly export. Now you can create attractive and informative charts data visualization of information in your database without exporting data to a dedicated charting application. Using either format, you can create new tables or update existing tables in your database.


Setting up a JDBC Connection

Altova DatabaseSpy includes a powerful database compare and merge tool to satisfy all these requirements. DatabaseSpy can connect to multiple databases simultaneously, including databases of different types.

The DatabaseSpy graphical Design Editor lets you view and edit the structures of all your databases through one graphical user interface. The Source group box of the “Export database data” dialog box provides a toolbar containing the same icons as the Online Browser layoutfilterfavoritesand Object Locator as well as the Show checked objects only icon.

The Preview button is only activated if a table is selected. Click the Export button when all the settings are correct. Company News Partners Careers Legal. The Selection tab of the “Export database data” dialog box is the same for all export file types. You can compare and merge table contents, or compare database schemas and merge differences.