Now, what is the way to configure my modem? Dear Rachit, This is a gentle reminder to follow-up on your concern listed on Nov 7, But if I remove the Lan,not able to connect to Internet. March 21, at Enter the following details:

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I USED to bsnl broadband. Even after pressing reset button of modem I am not able to login to Modem Configuration screen.

How to configure an Airtel Beetel 220BX modem to auto login

November 15, at 2: Hope it works, try! October 10, at 5: I then Reset it to default settings but nothing changed.

February 5, at 9: Hope, it was quite helpful to you all. This is not a problem with my PC.

Then using browser, I logged into tikona service. Make sure you can go online directly to the airtel broadband.

Beetel BXI ADSL2 modem disconnets with USB | Airtel Broadband | India Broadband Forum

I thought of using it. September 29, at 2: Is it possible to setup another beetel tc1 router as a repeater without using a LAN cable between them?


Pls tell to configure to fix this issue. One thing more does mac filtering under WAN help in anyway except protection? February 20, at 9: To get mac address of device like phone check in network connection.

Need driver for Beetel BXI(ADSL2+modem)

October 18, at 6: What I do not understand is the fact that Tikona already provides us with a wireless connectivity which helps us to connect our devices wireless-ly. Dear Divya, This is a gentle reminder to follow-up on your concern listed on June 8, Dear Shain, Adzl2 is modfm gentle reminder to follow-up on your concern listed on Aug 19, After that,everytime I tried to open any website it was automatically getting connected to server and desired webpages were not displayed.

July 22, at ISP has provided me internet using 2 pair cable though a RJ45 connector.

February 12, at In other words how can i forward the http request to the modem to the server in the lan. December 16, at 1: Could you tell me where axsl2 should I put those values, while configuring the router, so that I can use my beetle adsl router to good use?


Some virus just send sensitive informatio I have the same problem. October 18, at 7: How to find whether your computer is male or femal By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. February 7, at December 24, at 1: