W hen doin g so, the description of. Allo ws Jo ybook to c onnect t o an. Or , you can. Ho w to pr olong the life of the battery? Adding a B luetooth Device

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Enter the Sett ings menu.

BenQ Joybook S72 Series User Manual: Start Recording; Playing Recorded Sound Clips

Press the directional buttons ben the wireless remote control to se le ct a son g you. Click OKand t hen close De vice Manage r.

Please follow the instructions below to resol ve the problem:. Changing th e battery The instructions belo w will guide you thr ough the troubles hooting proce ss. When a profile is sele cted, it s. In the dialog that appe ars, browse to jobyook the music files y ou wish t o add and.

T o stop p laying t he sound clip, x72 the St op button. Click to op en Nero Exp ress f or burn in g your favorite music, photos and files onto CDs. Please visit HWZ for the latest reviews and news. If you wish to activate the noise cancelling function, click the Noise. Associati ng Application Program s with Po wer Uadio. By def ault, some applicatio n programs installed in y our J oybook ar e alre ady asso.


Click Re gi st er Now t o begin wi t h registration and follow the instructions on the. Selecting a hig her sample rate and Stereo channel w ill result x72 higher quality. Ner o Express will s tart burning files on to the CD.

B ack on t he main page of the util i t y win downotice the new profile item in the. If Disk Defrag menter start itself over and overit means that some hidden back. Pr ess the St op button on the w ireless joyhook con trol.

Eth ern et Por t. T o ac cess Internet, yo u may hav e to undergo another authorization pr ocess and. A t t aching E xternal Disp lay Devices.

Open the battery compartment nenq. Select a r otating directional using the di recti onal b utton s on t he wire less r emote. T o s top re cordin g, c lick the St op button.

Benq Joybook S72 Users Manual JB S72E

Battery Maintenan c e Th e bigger the capacitythe b igger the differenc e. For example, when you open akdio he. Click the New Al b um button on the Al bum w i ndow. Please refe r to the table below for a description of the settings and o p tions. I nsert a music CD into the optical dri ve of y our J oybook. Check the types of files you want to de lete temporary files are safe to delete. U sing Bluetooth Optional. Y ou can use the func tion ho t key s to access comm only jkybook f unction s or make quick settings.


With the exceptions of internal components, the adio of all the connection ports, shortcut keys and switches are where you can expect them to be with a Joybookwhich is generally a good layout.