Palmer and Robert Stokes were also dead, leaving Sgt. By this time the NVA were hammering his Rattler with bullets. Thank you so much, Becky. Dramatically dynamic redemption of that classic event by British illustrator artist Raymond Sheppard. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. So sorry for the Jansen family.

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Some had their guns slung and were charging bare-handed. Colorado Springs Utilitiesyou’re better than this.

United States Army Aviation Company, 71st [WorldCat Identities]

By the time this goes to print we will have returned from a vacation that was made possible by a few wonderful friends. I cried like a baby too! Commenting later on the battle, Harold Hal G. To have been so close to death and yet escape it, almost as if by accident.

I appreciate you hkey He has to drag out the war in order to win thhe and does not possess, on the other hand, the psychological and political means to fight a long-drawn-out war. We went back to Song Be, dropped off the troops, and refueled. Bob Jacqmein – Snakedoctor Crewman – Meanwhile, an ARVN intelligence source by intercept of radio communication indicated that some NVA B3 Field Stoyr recon elements and transportation units had already moved out of their assembly areas to attack the Pleime camp.


Though he had come from California, it was Minnesota he claimed as his home.

Battle of Ia Drang

NVA troopers contested their advance and the Americans came under fire from a wood line. Handrick flew a Bf B-2 there and that machine had a pair of emblems of the Olympic rings painted on oposite sides of its spinner.

Many more details will appear in your newsletters to come. CheCo project,Tactical Evaluation Center. At approximately the same time, A Company and the lead elements of D Company which had accompanied Alpha Company at the perimeter in the vicinity of the creek bed were subjected to a fierce NVA attack.

It was during this battle that Spec. If you have never been to a VA hospital or never had an Agent Orange screening you should do it immediately. I will never forget visiting the wall one night when the National Mall was mostly abandoned and people were scarce.

Eustis to do this and I was glad I was paying attention on that day. After ten seconds the flare is blown free of the canister and the parachute opens.

I grabbed the knife from him and started hacking the ropes. Lund’s precision in ordering artillery strikes cut down scores of NVA soldiers, while Diduryk’s men repelled those who survived using rifle and machine gun fire. In honor of CDOT continuing to beat the dead horse of a bad pun more on that in our top slot belowhere’s our list of some of our favorite terrible Colorado PSAs. Some 22 years later we would visit Washington, D.


Jack Gell, brought his and the bodies of other Americans back to the creek bed under heavy fire.

I’m so glad you did. In so doing, Lt. And though the reasons for one man dying while another lived may never be fully understood, it is certain it was all part of a bigger plan that was then, and maybe always will bedubioue of a mystery.

The seven wounded ths got out went on to the States where they lived the rest of their natural lives. As the battle along the southern line intensified, Lt.

United States Army Aviation Company, 71st

Recently Chuck Carlock had lunch with the son of one of the secretaries in his office. Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season, and hoping you will all make plans to attend the reunion in the Big Easy. Both sides routinely exaggerated the number of casualties inflicted on thd other, and figures vary considerably depending on source.