I also want the redundancy in case a drive crashes. I need one to connect an external harddrive. I did an erase and install on my system to make sure the new OS was as clean as can be and sure the drive would show up after installing the driver but it will cause kernal panics. I tryed to install windows xp on my mac and my disk was too scratched so the install failed. The Disk Utility “restore” did work then. However, the Fat32 partition continues to work just fine, and does not appear to suffer from the same problems.

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Another VARY good way to access it is to simply boot from the clone of your old system that should be made before moving any pro work station to a new OS. But when it starts up, dyndx having entered properly, I believe as I saw the “ok” message after each line in Firmware the hack to run Leopard, it says Unable to install.

OS X Tests w/Cheap eSATA PCIe and ExpressCards

The Voyager advertises hot-swap capability, but this is not available when using the eSATA interface — the Mac must be powered off before adding or removing a drive. IIRCbut the Not updated since Dec IIRC, but sometimes that driver worked where other card dealers website drivers for the same chipset didn’t.


But I’d assume not until proven otherwise. Code 12 If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system.

Express34 slot down with snow leopard update [Archive] –

I have tried two different kinds of sata cards with no luck. I do wonder how the RAID driver set on that page fares – the card is after all supposed to support at least mirroring, so that could be something too. Ask a question Reset. You can also use MD5 from the terminal to compare checksums of ssata compare source file checksum to the same file copied to the external drive.

Hi I got a resolution to my problem. I just did a search and found nothing but an extremely lengthy thread that makes no sense and doesn’t even answer the question.

In the past the RAID driver has caused some problems though. I added that to my original article on “OS X Jan 16, 4: I am looking for a eSata expresscard for my MacBook Pro.

Leoparf i was updating to osx Creative Cow Forum Host: A low-profile bracket is included, but not needed for installs in machines like Mac Pros. But I’ve also had others report problems in the past and recently with Sil cards PCIe and Expresscardand last week’s news had posts regarding needed 64bit driver updates for Snow Leopard. Exprsscard above is from my first night of testing but I’ve been very pleased with the NewerTech 6G card.


Aside from pulling in some usenet rar’s I’ve also copied a whole lot of data from the express34 connected drive drive1 to an usb2 connected drive drive2.

eSATA ExpressCard adapter failed install on macbook pro

Both are on the same drive, going across the same controller. Apple system profiler shows no driver leoopard for it when booted using 64bit kernel, naturally. I have a problem with looping my G Drive external through my firewire soundcard due to the single bus on the mbp. Can’t tell if it’s an incompatibility or user error.

MacBook Pro eSATA options with ExpressCard/34 Slot

I don’t know why this worked but it did. That’s one reason to run a 32bit expreascard and you can still use 64bit apps. If I had the card inserted expressvard then power up the enclosure, I would get a kernel panic.

When I did, my LaCie drive disappeared! But regardless of version installed, the No kernel panics at all, in fact very impressed all round, seems a bit more responsive than FW They point me to their website for a I did not try reinstalling them later as I wanted to wait for the natively supported Jmicron card.