I will try to answer questions regularly as I am not in a place with permament internet connection a college house. I doubt this setup will last long, so I’ll report back to the topic and try the same thing again with an another account. I have a second account on my PC; “Filip” is my main, all-purpose account and the “DJ” account is my DJ-things-only account and I totally forgot that it existed. I reloaded the drivers at least 10 times and am ready to try and reinstall Lite but that has it’s own drama! The default device is Speakers Realtek integrated soundboard. Thanks for your patience anyway and sticking it through to get this far:

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So basically if you were to create a brand new account from fresh, the unit would work well? Collab calls should go in the Collaboration Thread.

Or just deleted them and then reinstalled? Violations of this rule will result onvation a 1-day ban. Originally Posted by jimistone.


Got any more ideas? I was having issues, asked, emailed focusrite and it’s only now that i’ve opened up yousician to find that my scarlet is actually working perfectly that i realized that it was my daw and not my interface.


No piracy or illegal content Advocating, asking for, or giving advice on how to pirate is prohibited. Fri Jul 02, 6: When I first connect it to the back panel USB’s before starting ITCHthe both decks’ touchstrips sort of “slide” for a couple of seconds and only the t’strips, mind You, no buttons are lit at that timedeck A touchstrip slides to the left and vice versa.

The default device is Speakers Realtek integrated soundboard. Maybe that caused it to corrupt.

Failed To Open Novation USB Asio Driver

At least for me. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Mon Dec 14, I wrote to Novation support but I haven’t got a response. Tried a System Restore also Thankyou so much for reading Also, when you first connect it, does it show TWO decks briefly then disappear?

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I have uninstalled the Focusrite drivers as Bouldersoundguy recommended in every combination!!

I will not mark this as ‘Fixed’, because I’ve only managed to find a workaround the problem still persists on my main account, I double checked it. I had configured the audio hardware correctly about 2 months ago but this just happened for no reason.


BTW I feel less alone now. Originally Posted by Heymate.

In most cases where I have seen a similar issue come up, this has been a quick fix, although drastic. Tue Jul 20, 5: If people are wondering, FL Studio would play input 1 when input 2 was selected.

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Set both Input and Output also to Launchpad. Mods will not look at the content ub the post before the removal. Now connect the Launchpad to the machine. Meanwhile, I’ve switched back to 2. Wed Dec 16, 3: If your post is calling someone out for something, it’s probably not appropriate here. I’ve also tried ignoring the error messages and I tried to remain in the “Performance” mode.