Quantity This product is not sold individually. This cookie doesn’t save any personal Data about any shop client. Your excellent writing style and easy to follow format allowed me to follow along with the process from start to finish with no difficulties. It explains all of the steps and what you are doing and why. Thanks for all your help guys! At least I now know that I will get that part right. I will show you what’s in the swashplate setup eBook by way of excerpts taken from the eBook, the table of contents, ordering information, and some testimonials at the bottom of the page.

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As seen in the above photo, there are no Bell Cranks. Get all three servos moving the same direction by moving the throttle sdashplate and they all mix the same direction. This gives more consistent speed interactions between all 3 CCPM servos and reduces small amounts of variation. This is a fairly uncommon configuration but some larger scale RC helicopter mechanics such as Vario use it.

What exactly is CCPM on RC Helicopters

Next, adjust the cyclic pitch range just under the blade collective pitch by maybe 2 degrees by turning the blade sideways and pushing the elevator forward and adjust swashpoate elevator mix in the swash AFR until its around 10 degrees with a pitch gauge with 50 on the throttle.

Click Here For Dwashplate Information. Perhaps the elevator output would be plugged into some sort of lift mix control unit? Regards, Patrick Chan – United States. The bubble level on the paddles is for mixing out interactions. When you have Bell Cranks, there are more ” mechanical fuse ” points that can absorb some of the impact energy from getting back into the servos.


I am still somewhat unsure of radio settings but when I reach that point I may be turning to you for some extra advice. My most popular eBook!

Every one of my helicopters have been set up using your guides and I enjoy every minute flying them.

Once again, thank you for the well put together literature. I had already sdashplate that Trueblood engineering leveller as all my research led me to that as being the best so it was at least reassuring that it was the one you recommended.

The Esky F V2 is an inexpensive and cool little scale Airwolf heli that is quite easy to fly. I like idea mentioned in post 3 of that other thread, but does it matter flybarless not leveling the swash throughout the pitch range?

I just adjusted my heli with titanium turnbuckles and got my tracking better than it has ever been. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. In the three weeks I have been setting up my heli and reconfiguring the swash etc.

HK-500 Flybarless DFC Rotor Head Assembly (without swashplate and blade grips)

Today I flew my Mini Titan that I had just completely rebuilt since crashing it quite badly last weekend! Thanks for your Ebook! Leveling the swash just needs to be pretty close. I couldn’t find the info anywhere and really made a mess of things. If its plus 12 and negative 14 then the swashplate is not in the center of the main shaft and you will have to adjust so it is. Your logical approach took the guesswork out of it.

Swashplate leveling tool, for instance; my buddies have all been just eye-balling the rigging and wondering why they fight with trim all the time.


After reading the ebooks I feel i have gained a wealth flybagless info that nobody else wanted to part with. Here is the chart with all the values I have programmed for the Trex I just set up so you can get an idea of what I record and how easy it is.

Free shipping 450 DFC Flybarless Rotor Head with Swashplate for Align Trex 450

Keep all this in mind when you are getting glybarless Helicopter or Radio. When I got started, I crashed a lot and was about to give up until I found your website. When he started putting the bubble level on the flybar and starting talking about this technique, I was like but “what if I don’t have a flybar” I’ve used the complex rabbit ears method, and while I think it’s accurate enough for setting pitch range, I don’t believe it was accurate enough to set the critical 6-degrees calibration step with a Microbeast.

I know you are an honest person going by the kudos you get on the RC forums, so I figured even if I didn’t like the ebook, you would refund the purchase. The other method of electronic mixing as I just mentioned is flbarless internally by the flybarless stabilization system. I have been chewing on your E-books for quite a while now.

John, Wanted to let you know what a great help this swashplate setup book of yours has been.