Any extracted EDIDs are then written as binary data to individual files. Values such as brightness and gamma, XVideo attributes, temperature, and OpenGL settings can be queried and configured via nvidia-settings. Graphics drivers and the desktop effects programs are under heavy development, and are updated regularly. The target qualifier is specified by prepending a target type name, a colon, the target id, and a period to the existing specification. The simplest, most common, and least secure mechanism to do this is to use ‘xhost’ to allow access from the computer on which you are running nvidia-settings.

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For a list of possible keyboard types, see the ‘–keyboard-list’ option. When nvidia-settings exits, it queries the current settings from the X server and saves them to the configuration file. Set this option to off to prevent the X driver from attempting to connect to acpid.

Setting up the FreeBSD nVidia driver

Besides each X screen, the other top nviia category is “nvidia-settings Configuration”, which configures behavior of the nvidia-settings appli- cation itself. This option is useful to see what nvidia-xconfig will do while leaving the original configuration intact. The –query option can be used to query the current value of attributes. Settings from the X server override OpenGL’s default values, and settings from the environ- ment override values from the X server.

X Config Options’ for more details on the possible values and syntax. The driver will create a kernel module, which should be loaded at system startup.


Note that nvidia-xconfig does not perform any validation of the X configuration file options requested on the command line; X con- figuration file option validation is left for the NVIDIA X driver. Along the bottom of the nvidia-settings GUI, from left to right, is: How OpenGL Interacts with nvidia-settings 3. These two X connections do not need to be to the same X server.

For example, in a computer lab environment, you might log into any of multiple workstations, and your home directory is NFS mounted to each workstation. The target type name can be one of screen, gpu, framelock, vcs, gvi, fan, thermalsensor, nivdia, or dpy; the target id is the index into the list of targets for that target type.

Layout of the nvidia-settings GUI 2.


Target types give you different granularities with which to perform queries and assignments. Everything should work as usual. If someone were so inclined, a different front-end GUI could be implemented. If this option is not specified, the first Server Layout in the X configuration file is used.

This library is typically only used by nvidia-xconfig when configuring fdeebsd X screens. A backup of the original configuration is created with “. The supported properties are ‘dithering’ and ‘ditheringmode’.

FreeBSD Graphics Driver Archive

The target qualifier is specified by prepending a target type name, a colon, the target id, and a period to the frrebsd specification. Note that an OpenGL application only retrieves settings from the X server when it starts, so if you make a change to an OpenGL value in nvidia-settings, it will only apply to OpenGL applications which are started after that point in time.


Note that nvidia-xconfig, frdebsd necessary, will append a unique number to the EDID filename, to avoid over- writing existing files e. Any extracted EDIDs are then written as binary data to individual files.

See the output of nvidia-settings -q all for information on which target types can be used with which attributes. If this option is not specified, all the devices within the X configuration file will be used. A target specification is contained within brackets and may consist of a target type name, a colon, and the target id.

FreeBSD Manual Pages

Then, it displays a graphical user interface GUI for configuring the current settings. Setting this option will enable the X driver to use the system events in some cases when it is waiting for the hardware.

Having determined the correct driver to use for your card, installation is as simple as installing any other port. A target type indicates the object that is ncidia when you query an attribute.

Command Line Interface 5.