I have migrate this database to sql anywhere studio 9. March 3, at 9: Can we have an update for SQL Anywhere 17? Where should I write the drive class name? Complete server-side cursor support.

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Breck — bcarter risingroad.

Connecting to SQL Anywhere using JDBC

Now, I get following error: For any other situation, the iAnywhere JDBC driver is the better idrive note that this is the vast majority of cases. The driver and both the subscriber and publisher shims all startup fine but where I run into a problem is in the execute method of the For example, Adaptive Server Enterprise does not have the concept of empty strings, so when selecting an empty string using jConnect, the application actually gets a string with one blank in it.

It is a DSN-less connection. Problem getting connection from DataSource: Can you still run the database file in ASA8?


Code alternatives are included as comments in iaywhere source code if you want to use the jConnect 6. Are you using the database engine or server?

I am trying to use the native driver on OS X Show us the code The following class shows the standard JDBC three step process of connecting to a database.

Where should they be on OS X? Breck — bcarter risingroad. I am not sure what could be happening- I admittedly not a Mac user at all. OpenActivityApplet and the class file is D: The actual load test I am running is a simple one that does iqnywhere couple of database reads.

The newsgroups have moved to a new server. We’re thinking it’s some DLL or class file we’re missing, any ide Jason Hinsperger Post author.

ASA9 r with ASA8? – l

Web resources about – java. November 27, at 8: In the future, you will be sent there automatically. November 28, at January 18, at 7: Newer versions of jConnect are able to use the status byte on requests to differentiate between NULL, empty and non-empty strings.


In SQL Anywhere Other than the few situations where either pure Java or Ianwhere communications are a requirement, the iAnywhere JDBC driver will likely improve application throughput and raise developer productivity.

I have a project in Designer wich has a driver pointing to com. November 27, at 3: Establishing a connection is the first step any JDBC application must take when working with database data. There is the getSQLState me May 9, at 5: You will need to reset your news.

Web resources about – ASA9 ianywhere.