As we expected, the lower resolutions are helped more by the increase in bus clocks and as the graphics card is made to work harder as the resolution increases the performance increase gets smaller There are a few versions of the IWill XP floating around with the 2. I have logs of each configuration with uptimes and faults. For all the other boards in this roundup, any FSB speeds of more than MHz is considered as overclocking and you take the risks of running into stability problems. There is lots of space around the CPU socket so you can install larger heatsinks and the memory is readily accessible. This is the ideal placement for them as far as this reviewer is concerned so marks to IWill for that. The last benchmark we’ll take a look at is the new boy, Serious Sam:

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So let’s take a look at the board!

Log in Don’t have an account? A shame since it’s one of the selling points of the chipset and board. Whatever it is, it sounds like it involves quite a bit of processing, and apparently can’t wait to be processed at a later stage.

Besides the careful design of the board to be an overclocker, it also relies greatly in the PCI bus divider.

Iwill XPR – VIA KTA Motherboard Roundup – January

I’m xp33-r fan of the presentation on IWill boards and it’s certainly refreshing to see. A nice touch and something we are beginning to see on more and more boards.


Jul 5, Posts: Quake3 is our first OpenGL benchmark and in this configuration is more a test of CPU and memory performance rather than graphics card power so it’s a valid inclusion.

So umm, fuck em if they go boom.

So Haltech, are you really Bob Page? Performance For the overclockers among you, everything in the review prior to this point is irrelevant.

IWill XP333-R Overclocking Review

I continue to learn Overall performance was very good sp333-r the board but since it’s a debut benchmark for us we don’t have anything to compare it to on similar platforms GeForce4 on P4 and i DDR is too wide of the mark!

Haltech, are you putting these boards through a field test like you did with the GA-7DXs? It’s a good overclocker, and I gather that it’s pretty stable, since we haven’t seen much in the way of problem reports on USENET and web-based forums. Dec 7, Posts: The MCX is one of the larger sinks available at 80mm so any popular sink of sane dimensions will fit without issue.

I triple checked that the front side bus and therefore memory controller was set to MHz and each time it was. A double glance at the graph will show you what’s wrong.

A weaker processor wouldn’t have been able to save the XPR I fear but it at least it seems fixable with a different memory module perhaps so don’t write the owill off.

VIA KT266A Motherboard Roundup – January 2002

Sun Dec 30, 1: In fact, the performance of that chipset was on par with the AMD ! Very nice board, super stable and an excellent gaming rig. And that is all i will say about that.


Dec 2, Posts: Iwill was the first to include the necessary audio module that takes full advantage of the C-Media CMI 6 channel audio, and that’s still the case with the XPR.

Iwill XPR Motherboard Review –

Sun Dec 30, In the test, we used the Valley of the Jaguar demo where the increase in CPU speed should show us a decent increase in the lower resolutions, just like Quake3. And on a serious note, these boxes are protected and if tampered with, will explode Ever seen a PCI detonator? The last ounce of performance isn’t worth the stability and compatibility issues. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. The previous occupier of the case was a Pentium 4 board and with that removed, installation was a cinch.

The CPU speed can only haul the performance up so much before the low memory performance drags it back down. We’ll switch to 3DMark SE in due course iiwill since scores are comparable we’ll use the older version in this review. During Comdex we talked to Iwill and learned that they will not be releasing any KTA motherboards.

If so, could you give us hints about the reliability of these boards?