Rather than describe what less than ideal DACs sound like, below is a little graphic that will show you what digital reverb can sound like. When I come across something that is extraordinary, I like to get other opinions to make sure I’m not engaging in over exuberance. Here, the tubed output stage employs a single 12au7 vacuum tube for gain. A few weeks ago, I received an email from publisher James Darby. Therefore, all of my reported listening impressions were made using my Mini, along with the excellent Channel D Pure Music engine running in cahoots with iTunes. I expect that from vinyl playback; I never expected to hear it in my home on CD.

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We would like to Thank you for your support of Eastern Electric components over the years. The results, are stunning realism presented in vocals, wood bodied and brass instruments. Then think thin, streaky, puny Stratus clouds; those are older or cheaper DACs.

While I did the majority of my listening with the tubed output in the circuit, I did spend some time with the minimaxx output option.

After living with it for almost a month, I think it satisfies my criterion that I would truly miss it if it left my system.

Eastern Electric Minimax Dac discrete opamp upgrade by Philippe G. – Burson Audio

While there are literally millions of reverb types, let’s assume this is a simple, linear, 4 second smooth reverb that begins at the left and smoothly trails out to the right. The fact that the little wonder was able to capture all of that from high-resolution, studio master quality tracks was in itself remarkable, mihimax what really blew my mind was the reverb it was able to dig out of standard Redbook CDs! In terms of clarity and dynamic punch, there is just no competition.



Audio, from whose ad revenues he derives an income. For example, if a particular performer were in an isolated booth, I could pick that out. However, the DAC does come equipped minimaxx a set of four vibration-busting hemispherical rubber feet.

Eastern Electric Minimax Dac discrete opamp upgrade by Philippe G.

Again, my only real gripe with the USB implementation is its inability to deal with high-resolution files. The MiniMax also serves up the superior instrument separation and spaciousness by surrendering some relative tonal density.

If the unit is on, the tube is on. The LEDs are not overly large or bright, and I love those beautiful silver knobs that stand minkmax against the anodized black faceplate and chassis. Chief among these is a switch that gives the user the option to choose on the fly, I might add between an op-amp analog output and a true vacuum tube analog output.

It’s also high on our list for a Product of the Year. We never use the phrase “highly recommednded” like most others because no single product can ever be recommended for everyone, there are too many variables.

There is more treble extension with the V5 Opamps but this is smooth and non fatiguing rather than artificially extended — i. This thing makes music and should keep us music lovers satisfied for some time to come!

Specifically, it always threw a huge lateral soundstage with lots of depth. While this solution is well characterized and plays well with native drivers, it is by no means as state-of-the-art as the rest of the processing hardware in the DAC.


The output RCA connectors are standard fare. Sound cues that normally fall within the space between my speakers suddenly jumped outside the boundaries of my normal horizontal listening plane. Another important attribute of the EE DAC is its ability to accurately portray tonal colors and timbre. I could also clearly hear the space, or cushion of air, that surrounded individual instruments in, say, a string quartet or small jazz ensemble.

Is there much of difference in the sound signature, and is there a bigger difference between the tube and solid state outputs on the Plus??? Nonetheless, I could hear some things going on that kinimax me ddac healthy glimpse of the goodness to come.

Bass is generous, tight and well defined. The year da You don’t even have to open the case to change tubes, just pluck it right out the back.

To survive in the present climate, hifi makers must get creative. We will continue to engineer the most musical and affordable audio components that are available today. I later found out that our audio icon Mike Peshkin was also reviewing the thing! Furthermore, the ULN-2 employs an excellent clock, and thus serves as an initial filter for incoming jitter. Before dealing with the sonic attributes of the EE DAC, a few words about its da construction, design, and appearance might be helpful.

Of course, ambience is not the only thing the Mini does extraordinarily well.