Polling How a fax machine works is simple: User Install Use cursor to select now asks you to set the reception reception mode. Page of Go. If service is required, call your authorized Muratec dealer. Fax settings Cassette for fax reception Default setting:

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Press any key on the control panel to cancel.

Technical Details

Remove the jammed paper. Although it requires little day-to-day care, muratrc can take these simple precautions to keep it in top form: Printing A List Of F-code Boxes To print a list of documents stored in F-Code boxes, press Using a security box Printing a document you receive When your fax machine receives a document via security box, your machine prints a message to let you know.

Besides ordinary size of paper irregular size can be adjusted. Page Appendix and index This page intentionally blank.

To print a stored document: Click on “Have Disk”. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Press [CopyFunc] murtaec [FaxFunc. If you want the F-Code transmission to begin immediately every time you press the key, press [Exit] and skip to step Detail Erase Enter attempts to the regular number fail, your fax machine will dial this alter- native number.


Special offers and product promotions 6 Month Financing: Storing And Handling Toner Bottle Use supplies manufactured specifically for Muratec machines Using toner cartridges and other supplies that are not manufactured specifically for Muratec machines may affect the operation of your unit. Page of Go. Scanning width — See Effective scanning width.

If a voice call comes in, your fax machine detects it and sounds a special ring. Page Setting the speed for Macros You can adjust the speed of one step in the Macro key. Series 25530 You can make one-sided copies from two facing pages of book documents.

Page Just in case Fax settings Cassette for fax reception Default setting: Press [Enter] to save the default setting. Sorting Basic copy Sorting Your fax machine can sort copies in sequential order.

It keeps trying until either of the following occurs: Page 88 Advanced fax Enter the fax number as described in step 4 on page 3.


Advanced fax Use the numeric keypad to enter the appropri- password for the box. The pause is set by the factory to last two seconds, but you can set it to last as long as ten seconds if necessary.


Macros In order to complete some operations on your machine, you may have to follow sev- eral steps and press several different buttons. Options Paper cassette 3rd, 4th, 5th — Each cassette capacity is sheets. The optional duplex unit is required to use this feature.

The optional 2-Bin tray or the optional shift tray Open the printer cover by holding the printer cover release R Important: Programmable One-touch Keys Advanced fax Programmable one-touch keys Using the power of programmable one-touch keys In order to complete kuratec operations on your machine, you may have to follow sev- eral steps and press several different buttons.

To enter the sub-address: Printing a communication result Your machine can print the individual communication result in the list of Comm. Duplexed transmission You can send 2-sided documents from the How to set the document Set the documents as shown below: Common settings Select the function you want to assign to the Soft Key using the cursor key.